Quartz Countertops Hamilton: The New Granite

Quartz countertops are making a huge splash in the kitchen countertop market these days. They are very comparable to granite in their beauty and durability, and are roughly comparable in price to granite as well. Quartz can be purchased in two different forms: natural or engineered. Natural quartz can be found in the earth, which provides a beautiful, unique look to any surface that quartz is applied to. Engineered quartz is made of 95% natural crushed quartz and 5% polymer resins. Engineered quartz countertops in Hamilton may be even more ideal given the added impact resistance of this material. Having a professional quartz countertops fabricator in Hamilton like Granite Countertops Hamilton (GraniteCountertopsHamilton.com) can help you create a dazzling and delightful kitchen space that will be sure to make an impression on your guests.

Advantages of Hamilton Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops hamiltonThere are many reasons why caesarstone countertop Hamilton quartz is gaining in popularity among homeowners.. First of all, the sturdiness and tenacity of quartz makes it ideal for places like the kitchen where a lot of time and work is spent on counter surfaces. The heat-resistance of quartz makes it convenient for users to be able to transfer hot pots directly on top of the surface without having to worry about ruining the quartz material.

Spilling any type of liquid or substance is nothing to worry about – quartz is resistant to staining from even the most potent liquids like red wine and grape juice. Because of the non-porosity of quartz, bacteria growth is inhibited from deep within this material. Maintenance is fast and easy – all you have to do is give the countertop a quick wipe with some soap and water, and the quartz countertops Hamilton will be as shiny as it was before. Quartz is truly becoming the next granite, considering its similar qualities, beauty and price.

Using a Respected Quartz Countertops Installer in Hamilton

Quartz countertops can be easily and readily found at any reputable quartz countertops installer in Hamilton, such as Granite Countertops Hamilton. Their professional designers and installers will guide through each step of the selection and installation process, and ensure that you are 100% satisfied and pleased with the outcome of your counters. Granite Countertops Hamilton is a reputable supplier and quartz countertops fabricator in Hamilton, including top quartz material like caesarstone countertop Hamilton, which is one of the best brands of quartz around. Call these experts today and unleash the beauty of your kitchen.